Spring Cleaning, Scanning & Digitising ?

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Have you been good and spent the dark evenings sorting and cataloguing your image collection? or have you been like me and kept putting things off?

Well the spring colours and lighter nights are here (yay) but perhaps before adding even more images to the unsorted pile we should get last years sorted? Well OK and the years before…

Low Sunshine over runing stream

Well I have made a start (yes honestly) and while going through the camera cupboard I’ve rediscovered the 1,000s of slides from yesteryear (mainly landscapes on Fuji Velvia) and decided its time to scan them and get them stored and catalogued digitally, have no fear I’ll be keeping the slides too!

So if you decide to join me with your own Spring Clean, sorting, scanning and cataloguing (this long but enjoyable path reminiscing at past shots) remember we can scan may different formats of slides and negs and return them on CDs, DVDs, Downloadable from the web and many more.

Happy spring cleaning, cataloguing and reminiscing! Call us if you need us 03330 11 33 11.

Party Posters

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The nights are getting darker, how sad that makes us feel! But on a cheerier note its party season!

We are busy today scanning past memories to digital, this order is to disk but we can supply your order on lots of different media.

Poster Print

Party Posters.

So what are you to do once you have your memories on disk? Well these are heading for a get together next week where they will be projected onto a suitable wall. Along with the projection we have printed a number of A3 and A0 posters for display at the venue, what a great way to bring back all those happy memories and at the same time create new ones!

So start planning your party, give us a call 03330 11 99 11 and we can help you start lots of great conversation.

Busy scanning family memories

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Shoe box scanning

Shoe box scanning

We are busy scanning over a decade of family memories today, these happen to be prints but we can also scan neg and slides to disk or lots of other digital media just as easily.

What a wonderful gift!

Not only are you ensuring the safety of your treasured images by having a backup copy, but imagine the delight of family and friends reliving those wonderful past moments, now easily transported and shared, all while having peace of mind that the originals stay safe and secure.

Sit by the fire enjoying great moments together.

Miles apart? we can scan and password host them for download wherever family and friends may be, no more lost the post or days to arrive.

Yay, Bonfire night

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Hope everyone has a great bonfire night, please stay safe!

We’d love to see photos of your fireworks simply share them to our facebook page.

Have fun!

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